Setting Intentions to Manifest the Life You Want in the New Year

New year, new you. I think we’ve all just about heard that phrase repeated a billion times every January for as long as we can remember. The start of a new year is the perfect time to start over, start fresh. A new year is a new chance to reinvent yourself.

While I completely agree with the sentiments of these phrases, they don’t always sit well with me. And here’s why:

When we think about making a new life for ourselves for the upcoming year, most of us make resolutions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making resolutions, but most people don’t end up sticking to them (in fact, most quit their resolutions around January 19), and that’s because the framework surrounding resolutions is a little off.

Resolutions are often focused on an end result and try to change a part of ourselves we find flawed. Maybe it’s losing 20 pounds, maybe it’s working only 40 hours a week, maybe it’s eating out only once on the weekends. They’re firm decisions to do or not do something in order to achieve a desired result. They’re often unrealistic, especially if no plan is put in place to actually achieve the goal. And they’re resolute–you either do them or you don’t.

Instead of creating resolutions and trying to achieve them each year, I set intentions that I try to manifest over time. It might sound like I’m saying the same exact thing just in a different way, and I am. But the mindset shift makes all of the difference.

Sometimes when your mom tells you advice it doesn’t stick because it’s your mom, but if your friend or your mentor shares it with you it can be a complete game-changer. Changing resolutions to intentions can do the same exact thing for you.

So then, what exactly are intentions? They’re overarching ideas of how you want to live your life that aligns with your values and purpose, and in turn, drives your actions and decisions. Intentions grow with you and can change over time, help you embrace who you are in that present moment, and create clarity and foster self-discovery. They can help you break through the limitations that you often build for yourself.

So how can you set intentions for yourself?

  1. Ask yourself the tough questions. Figure out what fills you with purpose and what your ideal life looks like.

  2. Write down your list of intentions. You can share them with a friend or family member if you feel comfortable to hold yourself accountable.

  3. Create a word or mantra that sums up your intentions.

  4. You’re ready to go. You’ve planted the seeds for your intentions. Let it grow into the life you’ve always wanted by taking one action each day towards your goals.

If you enjoyed this little lesson and exercise, and are ready to manifest the intentions that you just set (or will set) for yourself, I can help you do just that in my New Year coaching program, The 40 Day Reset Program, which is launching Monday, January 25th.

This is a 40-day program focused on creating lasting lifestyle changes in 2021. You’ll have the opportunity to come in with one specific intention, and as a group, we will work to create lifestyle shifts that will support working toward that intention.

“Coaching in a group?” you might be wondering. This isn’t just a group, it’s an empowerment circle where people can feel like they can make mistakes and get feedback and still grow. During weekly meetings, we will draw upon tools from yoga and yoga therapy, the Bhakti tradition, traditional Chinese medicine, meditation practices, journal prompts, and lectures. And between our meetings, we will have a platform and a discussion forum to provide additional support and resources.

From this program, you’ll receive:

  • Nutritional suggestions appropriate for your dosha and the season

  • A weekly theme to focus our intention setting, yoga, and meditation practice

  • Suggestions for crystals, mantras, and affirmations, and chromotherapy for the week

  • A weekly zoom call for check-ins and workshopping around the week’s theme and a private Facebook Group to engage with regularly.

  • An accountability partner to work with in between live sessions

Are you ready to set your intentions and transform your life into the one you’ve always wanted with me??? Sign up for The 40 Day Reset Program here.