The LiveYinsa Experience

The Signature Retreat

Spend a week in an undulterated tropical paradise in Boca de Chavon, Dominican Republic

August 26, 2022 - Septemeber 1, 2022
Signature Retreat - Picture 1

Join us from August 26th to September 1st, 2022 for an Ayurvedic Retreat that will allow you to re-connect with mind, body, and spirit using all 8 limbs of yoga. This is a yin and yang balanced retreat; there will be a combination of nourishing yin activities – Yin yoga, meditation practices, reiki, nourishing meals, surfing, mud baths, and optional massage and other spa services. There will also be yang activities – hiking to beautiful caves and waterfalls, surfing, cooking classes, and even a Zumba class! You can choose to participate in all of the things or none of them -your level of participation is totally up to you! There will be plenty of downtime to explore and transportation available to other parts of the island during your downtime.

Ki-Ra is right on the edge of the Caribbean Sea;25 acres of semi-tropical woodlands, brimming with unadulterated nature and surrounded by 6,000 acres of the same. You will find many of the island’s birds and butterflies here, along with countless plants, many with healing properties.

Blessed with a constant breeze, the peace, and energy of the place provide the ideal platform for the LiveYinsa experience.

We will have direct, private access to the sea, a beautiful seawater pool and
workshops and classes in a covered “Palapa” that is 1,000 ft2.

There is a Holistic Spa on the premises that offers Naturopathic & Ayurvedic treatments and the kitchen serves delicious vegetarian and Ayurvedicinspired dishes. Each guestroom will be stocked with Yinsa Ayurvedic products, custom-created for each participant, according to their dosha.

Ki-Ra Map

Sample Itinerary

  • Transfer from airport (included in retreat price from Punta Cana)
  • Welcome Ayurvedic Dinner
  • Salutations to the Moon
  • New moon circle – harnessing the energy of the Virgo New Moon to manifest the life we desire
  • Morning workshop (yoga, meditation, and reflection practice) – navigating obstacles in the way of greatness.
  • Breakfast
  • Learn to surf!
  • Spend a day in the waves harnessing the power of the sea in Macao. Board rental and private lessons included.
  • Lunch/Dinner in Macao
  • Evening Yin Practice
  • Sun Salutations
  • Morning Workshop – Ayurvedic nutrition for the busy woman: How simplifying your food choices and eating according to your dosha can help you live a more inspired life.
  • Breakfast
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Class w/lunch
  • Cacao Ceremony: A cacao demonstration by Chef Luis, showing us how to make cacao from beginning to end.
  • Dinner
  • Consultations or spa services available [Add-On]
  • Sun Salutations
  • Morning Workshop – Finding your Yin and Yang balance: The relationship between stress and sex hormones, and how we can nourish our bodies while maintaining healthy yang practices in the body.
  • Breakfast
  • Day-long excursion to a cave in San Rafael de Yuma with swimming, lunch at caves
  • Dinner at Ki-Ra
  • Evening Yin practice
  • Sun Salutations
  • Morning workshop – Harnessing the power of your astrological chart: How to read your birth chart, what the houses mean, and learning to use the stars to understand the choices you make in your life.
  • Breakfast
  • Mud Bath & Cleansing Ritual
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Evening Yin Class
  • Morning meditation – The power of energetic healing
  • Zumba class
  • Breakfast
  • Reiki circle/womb healing
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Bonfire and closing circle.
  • Morning meditation and farewell breakfast
  • Departure transport to Punta Cana airport included
  • Add-ons are available if departing later

Optional add-ons from retreat space including massage, reflexology, Ayurvedic consultations, plant medicine consultation -these can be done any day, or in lieu of any activities planned.

Optional: Photo shoot with a local photographer with global experience in television and film (not a “resort photographer”)

Our Excursions

Each of the excursions off the premises will include transportation to and from the location, and all things necessary to engage, including towels. All you need is yourself!

Here’s a secret…

I’ve wanted to learn to surf my entire life – My son has surfed in 5 countries, but I’ve never had the guts to. This is my year!

Excursion Image 2
Excursion Image 1
Excursion Image 4
Excursion Image 5

Rooming Options

Tower Rooms

We have 2 rooms in our beautiful tower, both with access to our 3rd floor Terrace and its spectacular views of 50 square meters.

  • Blue Room – 1 King Bed (Single)
    • $3200 paid in full
    • $3600 for the payment plan


  • Pink Room – 2 Queen Beds (Double)
    • $2700 if 2 queen beds (sharing option)
    • $3100 for single
    • $3100 sharing/$3500 single with the payment plan

Rooms Booked: 1

Rooms Available: 2

Woodland Cabins

These tucked-away cabins nestled amongst the trees are peaceful and secluded. Each cabin has its own terrace and one has a spacious second-floor sitting room 45 square meters.

  • Cabin (Single)
    • $3200 paid in full
    • $3600 for the payment plan


  • Cabin (Double)
    • $2500 paid in full
    • $2900 payment plan


  • Cabin (Main House)
    • $2500 paid in full
    • $2900 for the payment plan

Single or double option: 1 or 2 queen beds. There is also one cabin with 3 single rooms. This cabin is priced at a double rate, but you can sign up as an individual, double, or triple.

Rooms Booked: 5
Rooms Available: 4

Oceanfront Tents

These Raj Tents come straight from India and it is glamping at its finest, complete with a bathroom inside! Placed right on the edge of the sea, fall asleep sleep to the sounds of the waves.

Combination of 1 or 2 Queen Beds. 45 m2 floorplan.

  • Single
    • $3000 paid in full
    • $3400 for the payment plan
  • Double
    • $2000 paid in full
    • $2400 for the payment plan


Rooms Booked: 2

Rooms Available: 2

*Payment Plan deposit is $1111 and full payment is due by August 12th, 2022

We can pair you with an appropriate roommate if you are interested in paying for a double rather than a single but do not know who you might room with. If you sign up with a partner, you will each get $100 off (not applicable with the collective discount)

This is for you if...

This is NOT for you if...

About Your Host

Daniele Gates 
| Founder & Creative Director of LiveYinsa

Daniele started taking Bikram yoga classes 10 years ago when she was looking for something to help balance her life as a single parent and a teacher for NYC public schools. She quickly fell in love with that practice, and eventually moved on to Vinyasa and Hatha practices, eventually deciding she wanted to be a yoga teacher. In 2014, she received her 200-hour certification from Pure Yoga, ultimately committing to share the yoga lifestyle with the world. In 2017, she began to focus her work on yoga therapy through two different lenses – Ayurveda and the Chakra system. Then entered her love of potion-making, and in 2018 she began to develop a number of Ayurvedic skincare products for both herself and her clients. To this day, her mission has always remained the same: to help people learn to embrace their individuality and find balance from within.


Yes, you have a number of payment plan options – all payments must be completed by June 1st, 2022.

The flight, all meals and transportation, as well as all activities on the itinerary, are included. This includes all ceremonies, workshops, surfing and other excursions, and anything else listed on the sampleitinerary.

Weather may impact which days we do which things, (surfing, for example, may happen on adifferent day because of waves), but otherwise all the things are included.

No, you will be provided with a yoga mat and props including blocks and bolsters.

We highly recommend you obtain private travelers insurance. We have obtained our own insurance incase of some catastrophic global event – there have been a few these last few years – that will cover ourcost of renting the retreat space. We highly recommend participants do the same so that if there is a cancellation for ANY REASON you are able to get your money back.

If we can replace your seat before June 1st, you will receive a refund. If not, we cannot guarantee anyrefunds. This is why we highly recommend travel insurance.

Yes, we will have transportation on site at all times and can transport you to a medical facility ifnecessary

There is a form to fill out to indicate rooming choices and payment options. Once you fill out that form, a member of the LiveYinsa team will contact you and arrange payment and have you sign acommitment letter!

Paying in full allows LiveYinsa to pay the retreat space earlier, which saves us money. We will passthose savings onto you by offering you the THRIVE and HEAL course for free, as well as access to theLiveYinsa collective for free, until 9/1/22. That’s a $1000 bonus! In addition, you will receive a $400 discount for paying in full.

There will be a private group created on MightyNetworks to help us connect and prepare for thisretreat experience – all updates will be shared on that retreat portal.

Daniele Gates, founder of Yinsa, Kira, owner of the retreat space, and we will have guest teachersleading the Zumba class and the Womb Healing/Tea Ceremony. Bios of the practioners will beshared shortly.

We can comfortably fit 20 people; 4 of those spots have already been taken before this wasreleased to the public! Unfortunately, because of limited space spots cannot be held unless adeposit is received.